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5 films about the technology that you should see

It’s the weekend or just this bored and do not know what to do, how about a movie ?, would be a very good idea you chose a movie about technology, these films are quite interesting, these films show us the history and growth of technology, so here I leave the list with this type of film from Putlocker¬†.

After each title you find the trailer of each of these films. It would be great that we’d stop in the comments that other films on this subject recommend us.

1. Pirates of Silicon Valley.

This movie came out in the year 1999, is based on the book Fire in the Valley: The Making of a personal computer, speaking Copper competition of the largest technology companies in the world: Apple and Microsoft, the film focuses on the idea of creating the first personal computer and when Steve Jobs told a conference that would work in conjunction with Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft.

2. Social Network.

This film premiered in 2010, is based on the book Accidental Billionaires, which shows the feat of Mark Zuckerberg, Sean Parker and Eduardo Saverin.

Mark had the idea of creating a website which could qualify the beauty of Harvard students was and nation Facemash, this film shows the events of the birth of Facebook, which time later has become the social network largest and most used in the world.

3. 23 Nothing is what it seems.

Film that was released in the year 1998 based on real events, shows us the history of German hacker Karl Koch in the 80 sold information to the KGB during the Cold War, the title of this film is due to the obsession hacker the number 23, Karl Koach died on May 23, 1989 for an alleged suicide.

4. Jobs

Film bibliographical which premiered in 2013, shows the life of Steve Jobs, shows how the company we know today with Apple, its main market launches born, the rivalry with Bill Gates and critical part within the Jobs’ life when he was fired from his own company and later created neXT, a company that was bought by Apple.

In 2015 another film about the biography of Steve Jobs, in this private life of the creator of Apple and internal conflicts of the company premiered shown.

5. Revolution OS.

Documentary that premiered in 2001, which talks about free software focusing on the GNU / Linux operating system and open source.

As time these films show us in an easy and entertaining way that is technology, if I call attention to some of these films do not hesitate to see them


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